Employment barometer – May 2018 2018-06-29

How many persons were employed in the month of May 2018 ?

Employed workers

The average number of employed persons in the month of March 2018 amounted to 4,009,250, which is an increase compared to May 2017 (+57,800).

Th number of employed persons was higher than a year ago  (+1.4%) ; consequently the upward trend of the previous years continues.

Men and women

The growth in employment is almost identical for men and women. The trend registered in recent years, during which the development of employment was more positive for women than for men seems to have come to a halt.

Age groups

The evolution of the employment rate is not only due to the workers of these age groups who find or lose a job but is likewise connected to the increase/decrease of the population belonging to those age groups.

The number of young workers (< 25 years) has fallen by 0.4% compared to the past year, although the rate of this decrease has fallen in the course of time.

In the 25-39 age category the average number of employed persons increased, compared to the month of May 2017 (+1.3%).

In the 40-49 age category a very limited rise in the number of employed persons can be registered if it is compared to the employment rate of May 2017 (+0.2%).

The employment of workers of 50 to 64 years of age has increased by 3%, compared to May 2017.

Place of residence

On an annual basis the average number of workers has grown in the three regions of the country. The relative increase is the strongest in the Brussels Region (+2.9%) and is about as large for Flemish (+1.3%) and Walloon workers (+1.2%).

More information

More detailed figures and explanations about the applied methodology can be found in the Monthly employment barometer (available in Dutch and French).

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